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A curbside recycling service Serving Topeka and Lawrence Kansas since 1999
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Who we are?

We are an environmentally concerned business wanting to encourage greater stewardship of the Earth’s resources through recycling, composting, and reduction of waste in general. We want to be responsible and responsive members of the environmental community. Please, share any ways we can be more helpful.

What are we? 

We are a recycling service that started in To-peka, Kansas 1999 and have grown to over 800 costumers in both Topeka and Lawrence Kansas since. We offer curb or house side pickup on a monthly basis. Though we are primarily a residential service, we do have a few commercial costumers. Our prices are competitive and our service, according to our customers, is excellent. If you would like to know more about our service, either look at one of the brochures found at the top of the column to the left of this one or contact us by phone or e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use more than the one can you provide?

Yes! If you put it out, we’ll pick it up.

How do things need to be sorted?
Only the paper products need to be kept separated. If you are a high volume recycler, we may ask you to do more sorting.

What do we pick up?

These materials must be sorted
Paper products – each in its own container
• Newspapers
• magazines and catalogs
• corrugated cardboard package board
• office paper and junk mail
• telephone books
Batteries-car & rechargeable

NO Alkaline (non-rechargeable)
Ink jet printer cartridges
Bubble wrap and packaging peanuts

Though we appreciate having these materials sorted, they may be co-mingled
• Aluminum – cans, foil, pie plates, etc.
• Steel cans and lids – rinsed, labels OK
• Scrap metal – call ahead for large items
Glass – clear, green, and brown – rinsed, labels OK
NO plate glass or light bulbs
Plastic – No. 1-7* containers– rinsed

*No Styrofoam is recyclable at this time! This includes meat trays. Continue to check this website for further updates.

When do we pick up your recycling?
- The same day and week each month
- For example: the 1st Monday or the 2nd Tuesday

To begin service:

Please fill out one of the forms to be found above by clicking on the “forms” button. The first is a PDF that can be downloaded, filled out, and snail mailed to us at the listed address.

The second is a Word document that can be saved to your hard drive, filled out, saved again, and then attached to an e-mail and sent back using the following link:
You will be billed in the future if you choose this option.

You can also call us @ (785) 969-8439(Topeka) or
(785) 979-6633
for more information.

Thank you,
The Home Recycling Service Team